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Building Green

At Castle Bldrs, the custom work we do is designed to harmonize with the environment. We strive to design energy-efficient residences and integrate nature's simplicity with your home's design. The goal is to make your dream materialize while minimizing the number of carbon footprints we've left behind.

Castle Bldrs' "green" elements include:

• 90+% efficient furnaces to reduce the use of fossil fuels

• Fluorescent lighting throughout the home to reduce the use of electricity

• Low-flow and pressure-sensitive plumbing fixtures to conserve water

• High-performance windows with low E glass that are Energy Star qualified

• Custom house wrap and air-sealing to reduce air infiltration and reduce energy use

• R38 blown cellulose attic insulation to conserve energy

• Low VOC paints, stains, & sealers to reduce harmful chemicals being released into your home

• Engineered wood products such as laminated beams, floor joints, and oriented strand board that are manufactured with fast-growing, renewable timber
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