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Ultimately, We're All On The Same Team

"Eagle's Nest Kids, is delighted that Vip from Castle Bldrs is a member of our volunteer team serving children with physical and developmental challenges here at Willow Creek Church. We are looking forward to his continued involvement in the lives of these special children." - Bob Mathein, Volunteer Ministry Ldr, Willow Creek Community Church

"Castle Bldrs provided heat, hot water, and air conditioning to our church when it had none. I am committed to helping the misguided, and Castle Bldrs has made it a lot easier for me to do my job with their contributions" - Pastor George Adamson, New Life Corrections Ministry

"Castle Bldrs donated time, material,and supplies for a local victim of domestic violence. Their generosity helped make her new home more comfortable and useable!" - Pastor Ben Grace, Crossworks Ministry

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